Environmental Protection - A long standing tradition at AFRISO-EURO-INDEX

We have been manufacturing measurement and control instruments for energy saving, air pollution control and ground water protection for more than 35 years. Due to our constant concern and involvement with statutory regulations and their practical application in these areas we developed an environmental awareness at a very early stage.

umwelt_eingang As a privately owned family company we do not chop and change and manufacture one day here and the next day there. We are established in certain locations and firmly linked to the country and its people. An environmentally conscious manufacturing process is the guideline for all concerned who want to take on the responsibility for employees, the factory, the neighbours and the surrounding towns.

The position of environmental officer is a highly regarded one and is therefore filled by a company director.

Every decision takes account of possible influences on the environment. It starts with any new product and follows through the entire development and manufacturing process right to the end of the product's life cycle.


umwelt_neubauWe do not have manufacturing plant in our company which is classified under our country's 'Immission' Protection Law. Our heating installations are the latest state-of-the-art. Air and noise emissions are minimal.

The total company grounds in Gueglingen measure approx. 3 hectares, 35% of which is buildings, 30% roads and parking areas and 35% green areas.

In 1988 our company received a special award for 'Design of green Industrial Estates' from the greater Heilbronn area council and in 1999 the Environment Award of the 'Association of Independent Companies' (ASU).


Successful Environmental Protection is only achieved when all concerned believe in it.

umwelt_tuevSince 1994 we have been a member of ISD Interseroh GmbH, one of the leading environmental service enterprises for recycling processes.

As early as 1998 we registered our company for certification under (EMAS) EG-Oko-Audit and also according to DIN ISO 14001.

Due to its greater international acceptance we only carry today the ISO certification.

Our employees are highly motivated. Since 1998 they submitted a total of 206 improvement proposals relating to 'Environment', 200 of which were put into practice.

The most important environmental protection measures at a glance:

2006 - € 38.223

  • Replacement of single glazing by insulation glazing in the 'assembly fixture construction' hall
  • Exchange of all cellar windows and fitting of insulation glass windows
  • Reporting of 'Zaber' river levels via internet based Event Reporting System from the AFRISO product range
  • Exchange of powder type extinguishers by foam type extinguishers

2005 - € 41.387

  • Flood water protection as a result of earth removal alongside the river bed
  • Flood water protection of all affected doors and gates by special 'Spund' walls
  • Installation of CCTV cameras at recycling yard

2004 - € 75.995

  • Heating of the office extension by heat recovery compressor installation
  • Replacement of cooling tower by a sealed cooling circulation system for the injection moulding department

2003 - € 27.604

  • Extension of the fire extinguishing installation
  • Energy saving resulting from use of new pellet dryers

2002 - € 60.984

  • Rapid action gates in assembly halls
  • Saving of paper through electronic archiving
  • Reduction of water consumption through installation of a circulation system in laboratory tests

External Auditors for Environmental Protection confirm that our engagement on the environmental front over the years has been and still is above average.